Dear Diary,

Legends. Myths. Stories. Fairy Tales.

People break down into two groups. Those who find the above things childish and those who are fascinated by them.

People of the first group see some lanterns going upon the black sky and they think of a festival of some sorts. Yet there are those people who see them and they think of a story about a beautiful crane that flew down to earth from heaven. A crane that was hunted and killed by some villagers as it usually happens to the most beautiful things that this world can’t handle. And how this angered the Jade Emperor in Heaven because the crane was his favorite one and he planned a storm of fire to destroy the village. The latter group sees in those lanterns ancient families celebrate how they kept living side by side by making their village seem ablaze.

Now I don’t know if there is a jade emperor of any kind in the skies that imposes meaning to our lives but I truly believe that people live their lives for a reason rather than lacking anything better to do. This reason is not of our own devise. Yota met her reason in Panos and the other way around. It was clear for both of them that their roads were only formed to be united. You don’t have to stare at them for too long to understand why these two young beautiful people belong together. I was immediately fascinated by their fairy tale and their warm smiles made it so easy for me to put them in the same frame. I am grateful for welcoming me to their special day the way they did.

A day that was marked by the pure happiness that reached my lens so effortlessly. I was astonished by the closeness of their friends who lived this day to the fullest just like brothers and sisters. There couldn’t be any better closing moment to this day than the surprise by those cordial friends who let some lanterns fly and travel to the black sky. While I was shooting them, the romantic in me had already seen a parallel drawn between that crane and their love.

May these photos be their reminder of how beautiful it is and how they must always protect it.


Bridal Dress – W Day

Groom’s Apparel – Guy Laroche

Makeup Artist – Aimilia Mermikli

Wedding Decoration – Αsteroskoni Events

Venue – Aqua Mare Beach Bar & more