Dear Diary,

Have I ever told you why I chose to name this part of my life “Kaleidoscope of Memories”?

You see a Kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that seems to be so complex but its rather simple. So simple that is mainly used as a toy for children. The light goes in it and its mirrors create symmetrical patterns full of color. I see beauty in all things as correspondent to symmetry.

You may wonder why I chose to write about that name today but it’s only because my camera became just that in Christos’ and Anastasia’s wedding.

The light of their faces and the joy of their friends, that came from every corner of this world to celebrate their love, sneaked into my lens with every spontaneous click. That day was painted in the brightest colors and became a feast for the watery eyes of the friends and family. Just like they wanted it, the story of their wedding is told through these photos not as a formal event but as the colorful reflection of their union.

10 years they walked hand in hand until that day. 10 years in absolute symmetry until they created this beautiful milestone. Love may be hidden in the words Christos chose for his speech or in Anastasia’s look when she was listening to him saying them. But love is also so vivid and evident there. In a small village. During a warm September afternoon.

I wish them to keep living life exactly as it is deserved to be lived.. In colors.


Bridal Dress – Sophia Kokosalaki

Groom’s Apparel – Sandro

Makeup Artist – Anastasia Vasileiadou

Wedding Decoration & floral design – Event Lab

Dj & Lighting design – Fountoukidis Event Rentals