Those of you who visit my blog regularly, have probably understood by now that I try to find inspiration in the people of each project, rather than using an à la carte approach. Even though this task may be challenging at times, there are projects that offer sparks of inspiration so generously. This christening was one of those projects for me.

The chapel and its yard looked phenomenal under the natural light of that warm morning. Yet the element that fascinated me was the fact that the theme of the christening was a painting by the Danae’s older sister Lydia. Surely there is nothing more sweet and original than this idea. The lovely little party for Danae’s friends that followed was the icing on the cake of a great day.

Closing note: Happiness is not hidden. On the contrary it is there, in plain sight, during a day trip with your family away from the city. The smiles on the faces of this beautiful family during their day after session is an undeniable proof.

Christening Decoration – Event Lab