People say good things come in threes, yet I am here to write to you about Dimitris’ Christening, and how things that come in twos are even better.

So our tale goes like this. We got two beautiful young people who happen to have two gorgeous kids. When the time for the christening of the second came they decided to name him after Konstantina’s father. You would say this is a common occurrence but what gave a unique color to this event was that it was not only his name to be gifted it was also the grandfather’s trade that was honored. A tasteful scenery created to present to the world a wonderful sense of continuation between the two photographers. This christening could not but have two godparents, two sisters that will make sure to spoil the young Dimitris as he grows up with two times the gifts and the love he will get.

There may be several decades between the young and the old photographer but their common name, and hopefully the photos of that day, will always remind a little boy how marvelous it is to show your appreciation to the people that created your family.